In response to our last post regarding the green building revolution, one of our readers sent me a link to a very interesting blog article regarding the Genzyme Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   The Genzyme Center is an office building for approximately 900 employees which received the highest LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating of Platinum.  Some of its most impressive features include   

an open air atrium which serves as both a return air duct and light shaft, which allows 75% of the employees being able to work in natural light and results in electricity savings of 42%.  In addition, a series of heliostats (mirrors) mounted on the roof of the building enhance the natural light which enters the atrium.  From the photographs, it looks as if the Genzyme Center achieves its environmental goals while maintaining a clean and modern design.  Click here for a link to the blog article, which has excellent photographs of the building.  Click here for a a link to Genzyme’s own webpage regarding the building.